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Theosophy and science

Oct 20, 1993 01:09 PM
by mlevin

Hi all -

   Its great to have discovered you all. I am new to this list, so if
I ask things that have been discussed to death, please let me know.
I have been interested in Theosophy and related issues for a long
time. Specifically, I would like to hear from people who are
interested in interfaces between Theosophy (and/or occult teachings in
general), and modern science. Here are some areas that I am interested
in (just notes and ideas, more than coherent questions):

1) biology - etheric body, chakras, prana, etc. I work in the area of
bioelectromagnetics, and see some possible connections with these
subjects. Is biology missing out by ignoring these areas? Has any
recent work been done by scientists, which touches on this? I have
reprints of a lot of the work done in the 80's and before (Orgone,
Psychotronic devices, etc.), but it seems that this stuff is dying
out. Anyone aware of anything new?

2) cognitive science and philosophy of mind - a good argument can be
made (though you don't get that impression listening to any modern
cognitive science discussions) that physicalism (the belief that
physical matter/energy is all that exists) is insufficient to deal
with the issues of consciousness and cognition. It is not obvious
though that a belief in extra-physical minds is of much help in
resolving some of the philosophical puzzles. How do theosophical
beliefs (such as ontological commitments to "minds", "souls", etc.)
help solve some of the issues that physicalism has trouble with
(for example, intrinsic reference, indexicality, primary
consciousness, etc.)?
also, what about multiple-personality disorder? anyone done a
clairvoyant investigation of what is really going on in those cases?

3) physics - has any progress been made with "Occult Chemistry"? what
about any of the other things in the Secret Doctrine and related works
- does anyone see anything in there "coming true"? Is it time for a
new edition of the (pretty old) "Scientific Corroborations of
Theosophy" by Dr. A. Marques? Specifically, has anyone been able to
get a hold of a copy of "Impact of Theosophy and Science" by A. Kannan
(proceedings of the Theosophy Science Study Group)? I saw a reference
to it, and haven't been able to find it anywhere.

4) parapsychology - where are we to find someone who is able to
reliably see auras (a la Leadbeater's "The Hidden Side of Things")
etc.  for some crucial experiments?

  If anyone is interested in any of these issues, please email me
( or I am currently a
graduate student at Harvard Medical School's Cell and Developmental
Biology program, and have a background in biology, physics,
psychology, computer science, and philosophy.

Mike Levin

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