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Re: Theosophy and science

Oct 20, 1993 01:29 PM
by Arvind Kumar


This is a quick response from someone who has also joined the network
only a week or so ago!  It does feel like home in a sense!

Are you aware of Sylvia Cranston's recent biography of HPB (available
thru TSA) and also a book (I think it is called 'Human Aura') by Dora
Kunz, ex-President  of TSA?  The entire last section of Sylvia's book
(100+ pages) is dedicated to a discussion of the influence of HPB's
works in the 20th century, including what science has already accepted
etc. etc. Dora Kunz is a clairevoint (sp?) in the same league as
Leadbeater and her book is full of pictures of auras.

Also, are you aware of 'Prophecy on trial' which is a book detailing
how well the prophecies made in ALice Bailey's books have come true?
This book is available thru Lucis Trust.

Best Regards/Arvind

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