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Re: replies

Oct 20, 1993 01:41 PM
by Arvind Kumar

Hi, Nancy,

I am sorry you did not get the complete text of my previous message.
I am myself quite new at this and wonder what I may be doing wrong,
perhaps I'll learn with time. I am sending your message with this
reply so you can see how your original message looks by the time it
gets to people on the network!

Plano is about 40-50 miles away from Fortworth, it is a suburb of
Dallas on the Northeast side.  If you tell me where you are going to
be I can give you directions on how you can get to where I am or
perhaps how and when we can get together, if it is possible at all!
There are a number of theosophic/Alice Bailey groups in the D-FW area
a nd I"ll be glad to put you in touch with them.

With all the best/Arvind  PS. Pl feel free to call me during ofc hrs
at 214 9970613 and at 214 867 0101 otherwise, if I can be of any help
in any way/ A

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