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Oct 20, 1993 08:40 PM
by Leonard E. Cole

to Mike Levin -            <your msg 20-Oct-93 parapsychology - where
       <are we to find someone who is able to reliably see
       <auras...for some crucial experiments?>  I don't know.  The
only person I know who can "reliably see auras" is Dora Kunz (lives
in Seattle, WA), but she now devotes her time to working with health
care professionals.  She is in her 80's and, as far as I know, is not
looking for new outlets for her energy.

to Nancy -   <your msg 20-Oct-93 - . . .please let me know if it
             <looks like garbage. . .>  Nancy, it didn't exactly
look like garbage, but there were some strange symbols at the extreme
left margin on some lines, e.g., "3<" "3" "3R" (ignore the quotation
marks), and everything was double spaced.  Your note at the end <I
tried to put this in ascii. . .Thanks.> was perfect.  Apparently, you
entered the 3-line closing note with different software (?).

to Jerry S. -       <your msg 20-Oct-93 - dreams>  Thanks for your
       comments.  You have given me much to ponder over.  I am not
       sure I can do everything you suggested, but you have given me
       something to reach for.

Peace to all -

             Leonard Cole

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