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Oct 20, 1993 08:07 AM
by John Mead

Hi --

The Theos-L archives will be operational soon.  Everything seems to work
but there is some file management that needs to be done (setup
the initial files with correct names and places etc.).

If anyone has articles they want to make available for public access to
the entire list please send the to me at

I hope to be able to spend a few hours this weekend setting up
the log files, adding the Theos Help file (uuencoded version
for mail access),  and Michael Meyers short essay too.

After this is done,  I'll send out instructions and directories etc.

Peace --

John Mead -  Mike G.  Thanks for your help!
The odd files in the ListProc are this months daily Theos-l log files.
I'll be combining them each month and putting them into the Theos-L
subdir.  The theos-L subdir has a HUGE file of the archives in it
which can be retrieved (it gets sent in several (~13) parts of about
65K each.  The daily archives are in Listproc by date.
i.e. Oct 17 1993 is in file 101793 etc.
I'll break the theos-l archive file (~13 parts)
up this weekend. (if you want to "get theos-l archive" it
and then break it up... into separate months like ts0893.log
(Aug 1993 Theos-l Log file)  I would be gratefull! (I got
the impression you were willing to help !!  :-)

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