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Re: know and be

Oct 20, 1993 07:58 AM
by Michael W. Grenier

Eldon writes:
>I'd say that going after the highest and most spiritual in you is the
>most direct route, the quickest approach to spiritual evolution, where
>the personality is maintained but not given too much importance. Forget
>the senses and go deeper within, *know* and *be*, don't just see,
>touch, and taste life.

Your words always touch something deep within.

While we have many lifetimes to grow in our quest, there are also many
distractions. For me, having a wife and 3 small children combined with
my work seem to take the vast majority of my time away from focusing
within. There is one's dharma.

To what degree should one disappoint the expectations that others have
placed on you in order to persue the inner spiritual SELF? Is it
selfish to persue the spiritual life if such a commitment takes time
away from one's other commitments? Or is it that a spiritually evolved
person is so much more effective in helping others that a spiritual
life should be persued first - i.e. Seek ye first the kindom of GOD.
Any comments?
Mike Grenier   Unisys Government Systems (Air Traffic Control)  (work)               612-456-7869

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