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Glad to join your list

Oct 22, 1993 07:38 AM
by Dewey Val Schorre

        Last Saturday I met Eldon Tucker and his wife Brenda at the
Krotona School of theosophy and they told me about this electronic
study group. I raced home at noon and sent my request to join the
group. It keeps me busy just reading the daily mail, but I am really
enjoying it. Eldon had the last two months of mail on a floppy which
he let me copy onto my Macintosh.

        I am a retired computer programmer living in Ojai, CA.  My
main hobby these days is writting theorem proving programs in
Prolog, which is the same thing that I did for a living when I was
working for Unisys. I got onto the inter-net because there are
several mailing lists about theorem provers.

        I am looking forward to discussions relating Theosophy to
science and mathematics.

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