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the objects of the T.S.

Oct 19, 1993 07:36 AM
by eldon

Regarding the objects of the Theosophical Society, there was originally
one object, something like to promote eastern ideas in the west, and
the three objects that we know of came later on.

These objects were vaguely worded, and were more designed to promote
tolerance and open-mindedness than to require the acceptance of any
particular belief system. The objects allowed people interested in
Theosophy to meet together and study it without having to profess belief
in any of its tenants.

The objects do not tell anyone what Theosophy consists of, they do not
define the approach to the study of the Estoeric Philosophy, they do not
require the direct study of the theosophical teachings. I'm not sure of
their wording in the Pasadena T.S., but know that they are expressed
differently in the ULT.

Take the third object, to investiate the powers latent in man. What kind
of powers are to be investigated? Development at any level increases
the corresponding powers. We can develope the powers of the
vital-astral-physical self, including the power of feeling, empathy,
the senses, the health. We can develope the powers of the mind,
applied to the physical world (kama-manas) or to the spiritual

The objects of the T.S. are ground rules for participating in it. They
are not instructions from the Masters to us regarding how we should
live our lives. They are to set the right atmosphere for inquirers to
come and experience the study of high philosophy. They could be worded
many different ways. They are not rules for spiritual development.

We study what interests us, what attracts us. We may join a particular
theosophical lodge, or attend a particular class, because the people
in the group and their activities appeal to us. The content of the
study, though, is not necessarily related to the theosophical teachings.
By giving the name "theosophical lodge" or "theosophical study center"
to a group, we have not thereby made its content theosophical. We could
ask what is theosophical? A big question ...

Brenda and I are currently members of the Los Angeles Lodge of the T.S.
Adyar, although because my work takes us away from Los Angeles on
weekdays, we cannot attend meetings. We've brought friends together to
study theosophy in our home, though, with one group meeting in Los
Angeles for about two years, and the other newly-formed one in San

It seems better to just get together, invite people, and start studying,
without the formality of chartering a theosophical group under any
particular organization's umbrella.

                                 Eldon Tucker

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