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Re: Structured discussions

Oct 19, 1993 07:26 AM
by Arvind Kumar

I am one of the newcomers to the group, having recently (last week?)
managed to figure out how to "access" this electronic discussion!  I
thoroughly enjoy this 'interactive' mode of writing/learning about
theosophical teachings.

I am currently reading the 'Secret Doctrine' Volume II and my plan is
to try 'A treatise on Cosmic Fire' bywonderful Alice Bailey after I
finish SD. I have been a member of TSA for the last couple of years
and have recently become a 'Life member (you can perhaps judge my
enthusiasm for theosophy from this).  I have several questions but one
'burning' question that I'd like to raise right now is related to the
reluctance on the part of theosophists to discuss the Alice Bailey
material.  I have read a little bit of both Bailey and Blavatsky and
I find both to be equally appealing.  Are there any receivers of
this message out there who feel similarly?

I'd like to end this 'introductory' piece right now but I hope to be
able to write more, as needed.  Thank you very much to all of you who
continue to donate part of your time contributing to what is available
via this wonderful service!

In Light and Love,

Arvind Kumar (3024 Landershire Ln, Plano TX 75023-8008; Ph 214 997 0613)

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