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Structured discussions

Oct 18, 1993 09:51 PM
by John Mead

Hi --

I have resisted trying to structure any formal topics.
When the group consisted of less than 7 people it may have worked
to decide and select a topic.  However, with ~25 people the topic
will take care of itself.  I encourage anyone who wants to ask
questions to jump in and ask!  We have a broad selection of people,
personalities, backgrounds, expertise etc.  Please take advantage
of the oppurtunities to learn from everyone and also to share.
Currently, I'm rather enjoying listening, reading, and getting to know
new people with similar yet varied interests.

The only concern I've had is that a couple of people may try to abuse
the oppurtunities for personal "soap-boxing".  However, I think that
theosophists are too vocal and opinionated to ever let this happen :-)

Unfortunately, I have to be somewhat silent until mid-november
due to some work deadlines. After that, I'll probably start
boring people with some ideas I'm developing in meta-Mathematics
relating to Lebesgue measure theory, Quantum mechanics and the

Some good news ---  The Theos-L library is nearly ready.  Perhaps I can
get Mike G. to try some listserv commands on it as a test to see if
the privs etc. are really setup correctly??  I personally think we
have a couple of bugs, but It may take a while for me to find the time
it deserves to check it out (thoroughly).

I have also found out that we can set up a forum here (similar
to usenet news) called nc.charlotte.theosophy I think we could make it
ftp public accessible (even automatate some feeds).

(Mike G.  --  we need to talk on this I think? I'm not too familiar with
these innards).  Of course, only people with full Internet access
would benefit.  The advantage is that we would have multiple topics
with each in their own "thread".  (send comments to
rather than the list.)

Welcome to all of the newcomers!  Feel free to introduce youselves
(any short paragraph or two will do!)

Peace --

John Mead

p.s. Nancy --- mail is coming through fine.  you may want to NOT copy
the message you are replying too?  (it seems your mailer puts it
on the end of your messages??)

Birmingham's --  messages are received fine now!  If your Compuserve
bill gets unweildly let me know.  we can find alternatives (usually
about $20 per month unlimited/flat-rate/no-adjustmets is about the
most common. Some cities are really compeititive though and you may
find things like $5 or $10 per month unlimited service).

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