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Psychic experiences

Oct 18, 1993 08:20 PM
by Chuck Bermingham

Hi there!  My name is Chuck Bermingham, and I'm writing this on Ann'
CompuServe account.

I'm sending this back to let Nancy know we (my wife Ann and I) agree
with you about the two varieties of psychic experience.  I'm also
writing it to see if anything is getting to anyone beyond the List
Server.  We have been able to reply directly to a couple of people on
the InterNet.

I myself have been having spontaneous OBE's ever since I can remember.
No idea why, and no idea how to control them either. although not
though lack of study.)

My wife's a TS member, and I'm what her former guru, Kriyananda,
referred  to as an "atheist mystic".  This should make for an
interesting addition to the group.

Finally, I got a comment from John Mead about the costs involved with
this E-mail. We're on CompuServe, so forgive us if we get selective
about what we accept.

See ya!

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