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Re: Psychic experiences

Oct 19, 1993 10:29 AM
by Arnold Stoper

To Jerry Hejka-Ekins

     Interested in your ants-on-the-wall psychic experiences. Often,
during my life, in that drowsy transition between asleep and awake, I
have seen a crawling spider of one or another sort on the wall. It's
clear and real as can be, and I think there's always only one. I watch
it for several seconds, and it gradually fades away. (I think I may
have seen ants a couple or so times. No clear memory of that, though.)
But no dissolving walls or people within walls as with you.

Why ants and spiders? Why insects and arachnids? Beats me. (Why not
such wall aficionados as lizards and vines?) I think it was Ingmar
Bergman's film "Winter Light" that had the much-quoted line, "God is a
spider." Might there be an insects-and-arachnids-on-the-wall study
group somewhere?

James T. Anderson (via Arnie Stoper)

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