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List Server Results

Oct 19, 1993 08:34 AM
by Michael W. Grenier

   I was able to get the list of files in the THEOS-L archive on by sending it a 'index theos-l' message. There
is currently one file called 'archive' which was retrievable using the
'get' command.

However, there were a potential problem:
1) An 'index' command which returns the list of the files in the master
archive returned:
Archive: LISTPROC (path: listproc) -- Files:
  info (1 part, 50 bytes) -- Info about the master archive
  summary-of-requests (1 part, 680 bytes) -- List of available requests
       This is a brief listing of all recognizable requests
  example.dat (3 parts, 27, 27, 27 bytes) -- Example file
  service (1 part, 119 bytes) -- System's services file (non-existent)
  931015 (1 part, 10804 bytes) -- Re: Some Comments
  931016 (1 part, 17579 bytes) -- Re: something special
  931017 (1 part, 7219 bytes) -- Test & Hello from a new subscriber
  931018 (1 part, 34634 bytes) -- welcomes and inquiries
  931019 (1 part, 8093 bytes) -- Structured discussions
I think the files here starting with 9310xx are THEOS-L messages. Why
are they in the master archive?

Anyway, the list server appears to be working. I'll try building the
'ilp' program and try talking to the list server interactively.

Mike Grenier   Unisys Government Systems (Air Traffic Control)  (work)               612-456-7869

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