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Oct 19, 1993 08:50 AM
by Jessica L. Coker

This is from Nancy:

Eldon:  I love quotes, I have 4 very long files of quotes
I have been collecting for years.  I worry though about
looking back to theosophic scriptures almost to the
exclusion of discussing what's going on around us today.
Yes, HPB predicted it, yes she gave us ideas on how to
handle it, still, I'd like to find 20-21st cent ways
of talking about it, instead of 19th.
          I correspond with prisoners who are studying theosophy.
There are some really scarey things that they are practicsing
in those jail cells.  More than one of my correspondents are
visiting other inmates in their dreams to help them.  I can't
quote scripture to them, and if I sound too judgmental or too
negative, they'll ignore me.  I can't get too philosophical with
most of them as their reading abilities aren't that great -- tho
that is an overgeneralisation and a few are college educated.
   Are there ways we can discuss these ideas with people who don't
know a monad from a stula-sarira?
Bye.  Nancy.

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