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Some Comments

Oct 14, 1993 06:47 PM
by Gerald Schueler


I received several earlier messages from you that only had titles, but
no message.  But your 10/12 messages got through to me just fine
including those sent to me alone and those sent through Theos-l.
You're learning.  You have my CompuServe number right.  Please say
hello to John for me, and to all my friends as HQ.  I believe that
this network has more potential than PeaceNet, simply because it is
used by more people, albeit it costs more to use.  The PeaceNet price
of $10 per month was great.  I plan to retire early next year and will
be on a fixed budget, so I can't promise that I will be able to
continue here, but we shall see what develops.  Thank you for the
headsup on New Leaf - I wasn't aware of it.

Although your comment on two methods of psychic development was
intended for Eldon, I want to say that I agree with you.  I think that
these two viewpoints (top down vs bottom up) are exactly what is going

As to my health, no I haven't yet considered homeopathy, about which I
must confess to knowing virtually nothing.  But I was born a "blue"
baby and had a long childhood of one sickness after the other.  When I
was 12 our family became Christian Scientists, and my health improved
to the point that I never even got a headache.  After leaving Christian
Science my earlier poor health slowly began to return.  I have concluded
from all of this that Christian Science can damn up past karma real good
but doesn't eliminate it.  Since I was born sickly, I have to suppose
that I brought a lot of bad karma over with me (I obviously was
reluctant to be born again).  Of course, my mother (if she were still
alive) would say that I simply never had a "real" healing because with
a "real" healing, the problem never comes back. To which I would likely
quote Ronald Regan that we should "never say never."  Anyway, I have
decided to get through my past karma rather than worry about my
physical manifestations of it.


I felt the need to respond to your comment on group souls, but then I
read Eldon's response of 13 Oct 17:15:33, which says it better than I
could.  I think that there is a correspondence between the occult
teaching of a group soul and Sheldrake's idea of morphic fields.  The
pernicious idea that animals do not have individual souls is equivalent
to the Christian teaching that they have no souls at all - anyone with
sensitivity who is close to their household pets would soon discover the
silliness of such an idea, which stems from our egotistical belief that
we humans are somehow better than animals.  By the way, the reason I
call this idea pernicious is because many use it as their rationale for
abusing or killing animals.


Regarding "visits" to the other Globes.  You don't have to be an Adept
to do this.  I wanted to expand on the work that I had begun on PeaceNet
outlining and describing the paths and globes of the Gupta Vidya Model.
My goal was to expand my article into a whole book which would,
hopefully, spark more interest in HPB's model within the occult
community.  I attempted to do so in a scientific manner, as much as
possible.  I used what I have called "signposts" which are like special
items/attractions placed on a tourist map - those few main sites that
every visitor should observe at specific locations.  The rest I regarded
as personal.  In this way I was able to "visit," via pathworking
techniques (not, so far as I know, in the mayavi-rupa), the globes and
describe them, at least their structural forms or atmospheres (how
should one describe Globe D, for example?).  I was influenced a lot from
my previous work with the Sephiroth.  But I had to try to eliminate my
own imaginings from my more general or "external" observations.  This
is never easy (if it is even possible).

I especially liked Jerry H-E's essay on psychism because his
observations match my own.  His "unable to distinguish where their
observations end and their imagination begins" is exactly right and
demonstrates the need for signposts.

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