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some comments

Oct 09, 1993 08:26 AM
by eldon


I'm not trying to suggest that we correct the mistaken ideas of
others. My third type of untruth is to mislead by your silence, where
in discussion our silence is interpreted as concent or agreement.
We can say "I disagree" or "I don't want to talk about that", but
at times by simply saying nothing we are appearing to say "I agree"
when we don't.

Harmlessness comes from a recognition of the sameness of the one life
with the other, the awareness of the connectedness with him. But
some religions like the Jain take it too far. Everything that you do
in life is at the expense of something, and life is full of continual
adjustements between everyone and everything trying to manifest
themselves as best as they can.

Kindness also comes out of a recognization of the unity with the
other person. But it is not sentimental nor does it mean always doing
what is pleasant to the personal ego, the personal sense of selfhood
of the other person. Kindness is based in Wisdom, and may sometimes
*seem* unkind. Sometimes you may play the role of friend, other
times of enemy, and your duty in life determines the type of
exchange. If I remember it rightly, in The Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna
wanted to be a lot nicer than his duty demanded, and it took Krishna
to goad him on... Common sense and Wisdom are needed to see how
to handle life.

I would consider magic as different, but related to psychic powers.
Magic relates to kama-prana, the energized desire that leads to
things happening in the world. Magic is an extension of this
capability beyond the parameters set for our personalities in this
subrace. Psychic powers are primarily sensory extensions, the
enhanced sense input beyond the normal senses provided us. Both are
highly dangerous... Besides the opening up to outside influences that
we are generally protected from, they tend to strengthen the sense
of personal self, which is contrary to our spiritual evolution.

                           Eldon Tucker

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