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Oct 10, 1993 03:52 PM
by Nancy Coker

Hello. I have been following some of your conversations and wanted
to join in. I am new to the Net but not to Theosophy.

Hello Jerry S.  I enjoyed your Fogg comments quite a bit as I was
taught a similar system in MD some years ago when I was doing tutoring
in literacy. It was difficult to find "age-appropriate" material that
was also reading'level'appropriate and we were encouraged to discover
new material for our students by using a similar method.

I would like to know more about what you call yogic-magic.

Hello Eldon -- I really apreciated your comments on truthtelling. I
always feel I am trying to discover truth on many levels at once, and
never certain which truth people want to hear. This is not a naive
statement. Sometimes when I am really reaching to describe something as
honestly as I can, I get the sense that the other person doesn't care
nearly as much about it as I do. They just want the "gist" not the

Re:  psychic practices. I agree with what you say. My questions
concerns the idea that we cannot skip any steps. Many people would like
to skip kama and live in manas. Many who are more comfortable with the
devotional and kamic, are happy to ignore the manasic. How do we know
that some psychic stuff is not absolutely necessary?  Also, how do we
help those who are naturally psychic?  When I hear theosophists giving
textbook type reasons why they should try to turn off their
sensitivities, it sounds "unauthentic" and preachy. I don't want to
sound that way. What to do?

Glad to be on board.

Nancy Coker

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