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group souls

Oct 13, 1993 02:15 PM
by eldon

While I'm waiting on the computer for a few minutes, as I'm installing
some software, I'm thinking of the concept of "group souls" and wanting
to comment on it.


We are individual Monads from the very beginning of our evolution on
the earth chain, starting with the very first elemental kingdom. We
have our full seven principles from the start, although there is no
self-consciousness in them.

Over vast periods of evolution, we not only make karma, but are that
karma, and it changes and we change. Our personal karma is what makes
up us, and when we were animal Monads it was what made us animals in
the animal kingdom rather than something else.

The learning and experience that we acquire from one existence to
the next not only caries forward with us, but it *is* us, and is never
lost or merged back into some pool of experience.

When one dies, the materials that make up his principles, the skandhas,
go back to their respective elements. But they are personally ours,
and those same materials come back to form our principles in the next
lifetime. It is the same with animals or for Monads in any kingdom.

The merits and rewards of a particular life are not lost to some
group being, to some pool of experience. When "group souls" are used
to refer to this, I'd call the idea wrong.

What is true of animals as a group is that they do not yet have
self-conscious thought, what they think and know is not by individual
effort, but by instinct, a form of group thought. They share the ideas
and opinions of their pool of thought, which originates, I think, by
the guidance of the Dhyani-Chohans in looking over their species.
Their thought is passive, mediumistic, sponge-like, they absorbe the
thoughts of their species and environment and do not generally have
unique thoughts of their one, apart from that. They are incapable of
abstract thought.

If we were to replace the term "group soul" with "group thought", or
perhaps "thought group", we'd get closer to what I'd consider to
be happening.

                           Eldon Tucker

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