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Oct 13, 1993 05:55 PM
by Gerald Schueler


Hello, Nancy, glad to hear from you.  I have enjoyed your
articles in Sunrise.

Let me briefly explain my "yogic-magic."  The ultimate goal or
purpose of yoga and magic (at least High Magic) is the same - to
become conscious of, and then to identify with, the inner
divinity or god/goddess at the core of our being.

Buddhism teaches that yoga can control the three main components
of every human being - body, speech, and mind.  By sitting in a
particular posture, we can transcend our body.  By repeating a
certain mantra, we can transcend our speech.  And by directing
our thinking toward one object to attain one-pointed
concentration, we can transcend our mind.  Thus yoga usually
works in a quiet and still framework.  Yoga employs the technique
of meditation.  Magic also addresses the body, speech, and mind.
But rather than trying to supress these, magic channels or
focuses them.  Magic employs the technique of ritual.

I am not the first one to combine yogic meditation with magical
ritual.  I addressed the process, specifically geared to the
Enochian melieu, in my ENOCHIAN YOGA but the general procedures
can be broadened to apply to any magical system.  The idea is to
perform a ritual in which your body, speech, and mind all work
together toward focusing consciousness on some goal.  Magical
rituals are not only dependent upon doing things and saying
things, but to be effective the mind must also employ imagery or
visualization.  All three components must be brought into play.
The rituals that I devised in my magic books, for example, may
require you to say something while you hold a symbolic
instrument, face a particular direction, and focus your
imagination on a particular setting.  The idea is to put your
whole self into the operation.  I find this at times to be more
effective than simply using meditation or ritual by themselves.

                                    Jerry S

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