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the role of the intellect

Oct 13, 1993 12:38 PM
by eldon

 Following is the quote which I typed in yesterday, but it did not go
 out, somehow getting truncated. There are a number of important
 points that it makes with regard to science, the role of the
 intellect, and the place of metaphysical study ...


      "The white Adept is not always at first of powerful intellect.
  In fact, H.P.B. had known Adepts whose intellecutal powers were
  originally below the average. It is the Adept's purity, his equal
  love to all, his working with Nature, with Karma, with his "Inner
  God", that give him his power. Intellect by itself alone will make
  the Black Magician. For intellect alone is accompanied with pride
  and selfishness; it is the intellectual *plus* the spiritual that
  raises man. For spirituality prevents pride and vanity."

      "Metaphysics are the domain of the Higher Manas: whereas physics
  are that of Kama-Manas, which does the thinking in physical science
  and on material things. ... The matematician without spirituality,
  however great he may be, will not reach metaphysics; but the
  metaphysician will master the highest conceptions of mathematics,
  and will apply them, without learning the latter. To a born
  metaphysician the psychic plane will not be of much account; he will
  see its errors immediately ..."

  [Inner Group Teachings of HPB, pages 7-8, Point Loma Publications]

                                 Eldon Tucker

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