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agree with JEM

Oct 13, 1993 10:14 AM
by eldon

I agree with JEM that there is a need for people to transition
to more cost-effective (e.g. flat-rate) email access to
the "theos-l" list.

I see the value of the group increasing with the volume of materials
written. There is, of course, a difference between junk mail and
valuable materials, but it's hard to prescreen stuff, and it's
important to encourage everyone to write. At this point in the
development of "theos-l", I'd see our goal to interest others to
subscribe and encourage everyone to keep active.

It is possible that by next year we will be at 200 subscribers
and 10-20 pages of daily email. I don't think that there should be
any attempt to control the free flow of thoughts as we explore
theosophy. We're not a published magazine with a fixed page limit
per issue, we're more like a "channel of thought".

When the volume of materials gets a big bigger, I'd like to
suggest that we create a second group, perhaps called "theosmag-l",
which would contain monthly theosophical periodicals, reprints of
articles that we have written, and lengthy pieces (say 20-pages or
more). At this point, it may be a premature idea, but in a few
months, who knows where we'll be?

                           Eldon Tucker

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