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General Comments

Oct 13, 1993 09:44 AM
by John Mead

Hi --

The listserver processes the messages to theos-l as they
are distributed.  Some keywords and special Unix/C symbols may
cause problems when used in the text.
(symbols to watch for are (not a complete list):  \,|,<,>,& )

Apparantly "From" on the 1st four chars of a line can cause problems.
If anyone experiences problems...  I would appreceiate it if you send
to *me* ( a copy of your original message.  I get the
post processed output from listserv (what it sends AND rejects) which
when placed together with the original message (before the processing)
allows one to determine what character sequences caused the problems.
I'm putting together a list of bugs to forward to the listserver
author (which I hope he/she will fix).

Another comment:  Please try to remember that some people are paying
$$ to receive this mail (which can add up).  Just ask yourself
before sending the message if you would send it to a friend
as COD $.29  ??  if not,  then ask why.
(Remember that Internet mail can arrive COD for some people)

To the people who are on networks which charge $$ per mail messages,
There are almost always (or often) flat rate per month e-mail
alternatives _from a local Provider.  We can help to find you one if

We *now* have an International member (Andrew Rooke- TS/Pasadena
Australia) now on our list.  They have offered to post the Australian
newletter, and I think it would be a nice monthly posting to get. (I
may change my mind when I get one,  but I'm optimistic :-)

The Listserver has commands which you can send it to perform actions.
These can set theos-l to do things, like turn on/off an
'Ack'nowledgement (send a receipt) of your messages (sent back to you).
for example, try sending to:

a message with the following three lines as the message body.

Help set
Review Theos-l

the responses will get you started with the listserver commands.

I think that the command ...

Set Theos-L Mail ack

is active now by default.  This may only apply to future subscribers

(We have about 23 subscribers now!)

Peace --

John Mead

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