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Magic and Consciousness

Dec 31, 1999 03:09 PM
by Gerald Schueler

>> Yes. And I have done all of mine from outside the TS as well.
>>I think it helps if people remember that the "latent powers" are
*everything* that we, as conscious beings, can potentially do, including
all kinds of perception and all kinds of action. Not just those things that
people at this particular point in history call magic (I'm not taking a
shot at your use of the word, here).>>

Murray, Crowley defined magic as any action whatsoever that was
done consciously. So magic is pretty broad.  Jung taught that
the whole thrust of evolution was to increase consciousness. I
think that by putting these two together we arrive at the idea
that magic (gaining conscious control over our lives instead
of being the victim of our past karma)  is what evolution is all
about. However, I do my yoga and meditations outside the TSs.

Jerry S.

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