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Re: Membership decline

Dec 30, 1999 10:05 PM
by ramadoss

Good question.

Quantity is easily measurable.

Quality is more difficult -- especially with regard to TS.

Anyone have any ideas? Let us apply them and see how quality wise the
present situation stands up.

Another comment:

All spiritual organizations were started and nurtured by individuals who
are in their early years and/or in their prime. They devoted all their
energies for whatever cause they took up.

Applying this standard, the present leadership speaks for itself.

Are the organizations get the kind of leadership they deserve?


At 11:15 AM 12/30/1999 EST, wrote:
>Membership decline can be defined in two ways: quantity and quality.
While the quantity issue has been much discussed here, maybe a
discussion of what would a high-quality TS look like and what are
the conditions for its existence would be a discussion that, ipso
facto, would address the quantity issue.  This gets back to what
is genuine theosophy and what supports its realization within a
organization.  Remember, the original title of Plato's famous dialogue
was not "Republic" (or Res Publica given to it by Cicero) but politeia,
which primarily means a healthy constitution in a medical sense.  It
is a regimen of health ordered by sophia by which a healthy regime
manifests itself (society is soul writ large).

Grigor >

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