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Families and fights

Dec 30, 1999 01:53 PM
by Murray Stentiford


A belated but no less warm greeting to you.

I have noticed your messages from time to time, and it is only pressure of
time that has prevented me from responding to them and taking part in
theos-l more.

I've been around theos-l a while now - have seen cycles of conflict rise
and fall. I know it can be quite distressing to feel embroiled in conflict
but, in this group, we are not only sharing knowledge but we are learning
some of the skills of actually *doing* the first Object of the TS, rather
than just knowing about it. Strange as it may seem, the times of conflict
are often the times of fastest, deepest learning.

The best fights are often within families ...

> > perhaps you'd care to read an article I wrote a couple of years
> > ago, and that Alan posted on his website. One of these days you may
> > actually realize that you've jumped rather too quickly to some
> > conclusions ...
>   Made it a point to do so.  Actually, it does not sound like the you
> *I* have seen.  Something must have happened to you and you're
> working out your issues here.

Maybe there's a cosmic hint here :)

I don't know if you want to, at this stage, but I'd be interested in
hearing what you think about what it's like for people who make the climb
out of an "orthodox" religious environment and strike out on their own. I
have a lot of admiration for those who have done so.


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