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Re: Membership decline

Dec 29, 1999 05:47 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

	The TS does not prosyletize. However, I have seen this attitude taken
to the point where it is considered somewhat distasteful to many members
to even let people know we exist ("if they are ready for us, they will
find us"). I personally find this in opposition to the 3 Objects; that
while the Theosophical Society does not actively recruit new members, I
feel that the TS DOES have an obligation to let their CONCEPTS be known
among the general population; if someone is attracted enough by those
concepts, we certainly won't turn that person away.

	Any other ideas on the subject (and Doss, this is a case where I think
your comments on the use of the Internet are QUITE relevant, not that it
makes, or should make, a difference to you). wrote:
> After all said and done, the membership continues to decline each day with
> no end in sight. (No light at the end of the tunnel)
> May be some of us will witness in the next millennium the end of TSA as we
> know it.

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