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Re: Membership decline

Dec 29, 1999 05:42 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

JRC wrote:
> things that lead to the formation of ACT. He listens to those like you ...
> who, if I remember correctly, at one time was making excuses for his lack of
> responsiveness by saying he was too busy. Curiously that he's too busy for
> some, while simultaneously being quite willing to listen and interact with
> others.

	Regardless of what you say below, I see that you did add the
qualification of the possibility of your remembering incorrectly, and I
thank you. You do, in fact, remember incorrectly. I said he was too busy
to participate on these discussion lists, not to read personal messages.
I do, however, notice a tendency of some on this list to ask questions
which carry inbuilt assumptions which are not always correct. For
example, "I have heard you are a despoiler of young goats. If this is
true, then how do you reconcile this with your position of authority?"
is much more likely to get an answer than something like, "Since you
despoil young goats, how come you don't resign?".

> > > and adopt half of your suggestions.
> >
> > You claim I make an assertion that I have never made. Do not do that.
> > You wouldn't like me if I got angry.
> I could care less whether you get angry or not. You can keep making your
> points, I'll keep making mine. You want to bring this whole issue up again,
> fine,

	Actually, I really don't.

	Bart Lidofsky

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