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Re: Membership decline

Dec 29, 1999 08:39 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 99-12-29 11:16:19 EST, you write:

<< Good, I don't particularly care to either. It's all pretty much moot.
 The current leadership clique has won. They control everything now. They
 control all publications. They control elections. They can now control
 every Lodge. They will, however, be responsible for what happens to the
 TS. And by all objective measures of the effects to date, this is
 certainly not something I'd want responsibility for. -JRC

About ten years ago after a program at Olcott the question of what an
appropriate reincarnation for Hitler would be.  I said, "President of the
TS."  After all, what could be worse than having absolute power in an
organization that no one pays any attention to?


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