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Re: Membership decline

Dec 26, 1999 08:57 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

	Proving it would be a bit of a problem. I use a corallary of Occam's
Razor: Never blame on a conspiracy what can be blamed by a large group
of individuals, each acting independently in their own self-interest.
And what I see is far more the latter than the former. In particular,
what I see is that those who control the T.S. have also taken control
over the E.S.

	Radha Burnier, for example, is highly autocratic in her leadership, and
has put into many other leadership positions members of her own family.
Bylaws that were designed based on the political leadership of the TS
and the spiritual leadership being strictly separated are now being
interpreted by a political leader who has declared herself the spiritual
leader, as well. Therefore, decisions which are supposed to be made on
an exoteric basis (such as dissolution of sections) is being made on a
spiritual basis, in a Society which is supposed to be without dogma. I
therefore see Radha's leadership in the E.S. is a symptom of the
problem, not a cause.

	I think that if you examine other places where it appears that there is
E.S. control over the T.S. leadership, it is in fact the other way
around. I also think that the E.S. is a group that has strayed greatly
from its original purpose, and should not be considered in T.S. matters.

	Bart Lidofsky wrote:
> At 02:24 AM 12/24/1999 -0000, ambain wrote:
> >It seems to be the ES which dictates international policy, and which
> dictates TS policy.  As the ES is *not* democratic, but autocratic,
> then it follows that any apparent democracy in the TS is unreal.<
> If this could be *proven* to the satisfaction of the US Governmental Tax
> authorities, then TS in America and Theosophical Investment Trust could be
> in serious trouble in losing its tax exempt status retroactively.

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