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Re: Membership decline

Dec 25, 1999 02:15 PM
by ramadoss

At 02:24 AM 12/24/1999 -0000, ambain wrote:
>It seems to be the ES which dictates international policy, and which
dictates TS policy.  As the ES is *not* democratic, but autocratic,
then it follows that any apparent democracy in the TS is unreal.<

If this could be *proven* to the satisfaction of the US Governmental Tax
authorities, then TS in America and Theosophical Investment Trust could be
in serious trouble in losing its tax exempt status retroactively.

Of course if an investigation gets started, all the people involved would
be put under oath and deposed under penalty of perjury and jail and all
facts ferreted out. Of course with the millions of dollars in the coffers,
TS in America can hire top Chicago lawyers to defend.


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