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Membership decline

Dec 23, 1999 06:24 PM
by ambain

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> Date: Thursday, December 23, 1999 8:08 PM
> From: JRC <>
> Subject: Re: officers

> Under John Algeo's leadership, the TS membership has declind ... not
a minor
> temporary fluctuation mind you, but declined by a significant
> but it is now *far* more difficult for a person or group to
*replace* the
> current leadership than it was prior to his leadership, and no
complaints or
> suggestions for serious changes can be made in national publications
> first being approved by John Algeo.
> All other points are insignificant next to this. If this statement
> true - then prove where it isn't. If it *is* true - it should
disturb every
> Theosophist that genuinely cares about the future of the
organization. -JRC

This is true of the USA, which *is* under JA's leadership, but it is
alos true of the UK and other parts of the world.  What evidence there
is suggests that the cause lies higher up the ladder, with the
Interntional President, who has been described as "she who must be
obeyed" as the de facto and de jure head of the Adyar TS worldwide,
*and* the same of the Adyar ES.

It seems to be the ES which dictates international policy, and which
dictates TS policy.  As the ES is *not* democratic, but autocratic,
then it follows that any apparent democracy in the TS is unreal.  This
explains why entire National Sections (e.g., Denmark, Canada) have
been expelled by Adyar - they seem to have believed that the
democratic process was genuine!

Netherlands, keep watch - you still have something precious!



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