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Re: theos-l digest: December 16, 1999

Dec 16, 1999 10:16 PM
by kymsmith

JRC wrote:

>Just to show you I'm interested in your dreams (as well as probably
>occasionally causing nightmares tee hee). -JRC

%-\   Help me, Jesus!  Antonio is wet, dripping with water in this
screensaver.  It's too much.  This is it.  I'm down for the count.  My mind
is mere oatmeal and my hormones are running way too far ahead of me.

You have slain me, JRC. Ok, so I, like some of the Knights of the Round
Table, have succumbed to carnal temptations.

Yet!  Let it be known: The great Knight Maureen Galahad is still standing,
and her sword glistens as the sun.

Kym the Fallen One (but still waving a teeny flag)

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