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Re: theos-l digest: December 16, 1999

Dec 16, 1999 10:03 PM
by kymsmith

JRC wrote:

>Also odd that you

Talking to me?

>- who initiated the whole thing when, in response to a
>post of mine to someone else,

Me?  Inititate something?  Surely you jest!

>and reacted with a snippy little shot at
>Grigor and I,

Snippy?  Ok. . .but you gotta admit that the "proboscis" nomenclature was
pretty witty.

>Who's knee is in front of the camera?

It's not "who's," but "whose."  Good thing Grigor didn't see that.  How do
I know whose knee is in front of the camera - can I see into every
household in the universe?  Sheesh!  Oh, no wait. . .are you trying to say
that it is MY knee in front of the camera?  Well!  I never!

>Anything to
>say, Ms. Bond?

Um, which "Goldfinger" am I holding up?

AHHHH!  I'm sorry, I couldn't resist - I'm so ashamed.  So horribly ashamed.

>Or would you prefer to pretend your little part in the
>whole thing didn't happen, and let us all go on with what we were

Yeah, ok, I'm all for shifting the blame somewhere else - so, you all just
go on with what you were saying.


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