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Kind of off the topic

Dec 16, 1999 07:20 PM
by Joshua Gulick

I needed some money to do some more experiments involving occult science, so
I decided to start a little business to make some extra cash.  I have
started a singing telegram business.  I just thought I would let you know
because it is rather neat.  You compose lyrics, and I will sing them to the
person of your choice.  For 5 dollars, I will sing to anyone in the US over
the phone.  For 4 dollars, I will sing your lyrics into the microphone on my
computer and send the .wav file to anyone in the world.  And the money goes
to occult research.  Maybe some of you would help me out.  I suppose it
would be nice for birthdays, holidays, when your spouse is angry, anonymous
messages to your employer, or just for fun.  I accept all major credit
cards, too.

If you would like information or to have me sing for you, go to:

Truly yours,

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