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Re: theos-l digest: December 16, 1999

Dec 16, 1999 10:46 PM
by kymsmith

Grigor wrote:

>I only condemned
>general historical statements about human progress (despite historical
>appearances, evidence, and otherwise, contrary to fact).

Yeah, I know.  And it's still bogus because ANYONE with half a brain would
protest historical statements based on apparent inaccurate proofs.  Big deal.

But you added into that mix the words "better or worse."  Again, this is
what philosophy deals with - most literature eventually arrives at the
point of discussing how a human can "better" themselves - which is, at its
core, ALL ABOUT human progress.  And philosophers, historians, theologians,
scientists, and mail carriers, all include historical comparisons in their
theories about general human progress.  So my post still stands.

And, yet again, in your above statement, you used the word "progress."
Grigor, there is NO progress to even talk about if one does not make
general statements about 'better or worse!'  The word "progress" itself
suggests some kind of movement, either backward or forward.  You are caught
in your own trap.  Just face it.  I know it will hurt, but try.

>I bet when and if you took formal logic, you had
>problems with the scope of a quantifier in predicate calculus since you seem
>unable to distinguish between a statement about a kind of general statement
>from general statements period.

Oh, please.  You are just doing a jig here.  And a rather fancy one at
that, but, nonetheless, still a jig.  What you have said above is intended
to be insulting, I admire that - and it would have been if you hadn't added
on the fluffy stuff intending to make yourself sound big and bad.  It's
hard to BS a BSer.

If I had a rubber fish, I'd whack you with it.


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