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Re: theos-l digest: December 09, 1999

Dec 10, 1999 05:34 PM
by ambain

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> I think being 'human' is vastly overrated.  I think it is very
> possible that being possessed of a human form may be akin to being a
> patty in another world which may contain far finer forms.  If being
> is a "privilege" according to the Cosmos - well, I am not pleased.
> Is there not another form - even physical - that need not pass wind
out of
> every orifice and, yet, still be able to contemplate the Divine?  If
> are among the finest of all forms, then the Creator has a rather bawdy
> Mind-set.  Surely, the Creator is capable of so much more. . .isn't
> Kym

'Dis am your Creator speaking:

Next week (manvantara, whatever) I am turning you all into cow patties.
The planet will be a better place, and you will make excellent fuel for
the fires of the next root race.  That's 'root'  as in 'root
vegetables' - the blood and guts experiment has not been a great
success.  That this message from on low may be confusing to you is clear
evidence of this failure.

God (Ms)

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