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Re: JRC- in from the cold, but quickly getting hotter

Dec 10, 1999 05:30 PM
by JRC

> Ok, John,

HOW DID YOU KNOW MY NAME IS JOHN!!!! I thought I had carefully hidden

> First you get accused of not believing in karma, now something about
> to hold you accountable for your ideas, though what anyone could do
> them is beyond me.

Rather beyond me too.

> Could it be that somehow people are mistaking you for me???
> Chuck the Heretic

Well hell Chuck, you haven't said anything even moderately heretical in
months! And there's just been so many delightful things to comment on.
So many, er, opportunities just begging for but a single original
thought to rend the dense veil of pithy little aphorisms and profoundly
meaningless quotes. C'mon - every list (heck, every church group,
religion, city, state, nation or philosophy) desperately *needs* a
couple of people that others can dismiss as heretical and mean and low
and unevolved. Without a good supply of heretics and scapegoats to make
the righteous feel good about themselves, there'd be far more wars than
there are now. People would actually have to face *themselves* if they
couldn't find others to condemn, and lord knows how ugly *that* could
get. Yer droppin' the ball man! Its been ages since you even bothered to
mention the horrible inconsistancies in the concept of "karma". Fairly
soon you'll need to demote yourself from "Chuck the Heretic" to "Chuck
the Very Occaisionally Impolite". But the list would be much worse
off. -JRC

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