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Re: theos-l digest: December 09, 1999

Dec 09, 1999 11:46 PM
by kymsmith

Grigor wrote:

>I would say there are people "not of this world."  It divides the ethically
>under-motivated from the ethically hyper-motivated.  People want to
>believe in such, because they do not believe in themselves.  To be a
>Buddha is everyone's potential.

I do not agree that a person who "follows" another person - be it Buddha,
Christ, Krishnamurti, etc - is "ethically under-motivated."  If anything,
simply because they are seeking something "more" or "elevated" reflects a
desire to be more ethical.  If the person they follow ends up being a
bedlamite (nut ball), that does not necessarily mean that the follower was
not sincere in his/her pursuit of spirituality and ethics.  As far as
"hyper-motivated" in ethics - well, Buddha would be forking over child
support if he's done the same thing today, and Jesus would have went to
jail for destruction of property, and Mohammad would be a prime example
(Buddha, too, actually) of misogyny.

Yes, everyone has the potential to be a Buddha, but I kinda hope someone,
somewhere, makes themselves a better Buddha than the original.

>>  So many people
>>  wish to have a "messiah"

No, not "chicken shits," but people that are not yet ready to venture out
on their own - which is, whether we like it or not, a NATURAL state every
human being must pass through.  We were all there once, and, gasp!, some of
us still are.

>Some humans wish clues as to how to awaken.

Nothing wrong with seeking clues - after all, that what the "enlightened"
ones meant to do for us.  Provide us guidance and "clues" so we wouldn't
have to make the same mistakes.  They actually meant to give us a road map.

>Some wish not to be bothered.

For now, but it is not a permanent state.

>> [Kym wrote] Annie Besant's betrayal of her own beliefs and moral system
>>  Leadbeater, though, is distressing.  I honestly believe she thought he was
>>  guilty and that something should have been done.  But, perhaps, she was
>>  afraid of what it might do to the movement itself.  She bucked the system
>>  once, and her husband ended up taking her children from her - I am sure
>>  part of that profound fear of loss remained.  The human part of us and the
>>  spiritual part of us are continually in conflict - and the human often
>>  seems to "win."  Besant must now, in some way, carry forward and correct
>>  the harm done by someone she respected - just as some humans must correct
>>  the harm done by their own loved ones to others.  All who remain silent in
>>  cases of child abuse (or any abuse) are, in some way, responsible for the
>>  abuse.

>Welcome to the matrix or hypnomata philodoxia.

I haven't a clue how this ("matrix" = womb) pertains to my above paragraph.

>>  Being human is a tough and rough road; a messy business.  I don't
>>  it to anyone.

>Now you say something I can wholly agree with.  But I add it is immense
>privilege to be such.  There may be secret in the human being the universe
>has not seen before.

Maybe, but I think being 'human' is vastly overrated.  I think it is very
possible that being possessed of a human form may be akin to being a cow
patty in another world which may contain far finer forms.  If being human
is a "privilege" according to the Cosmos - well, I am not pleased.

Is there not another form - even physical - that need not pass wind out of
every orifice and, yet, still be able to contemplate the Divine?  If humans
are among the finest of all forms, then the Creator has a rather bawdy
Mind-set.  Surely, the Creator is capable of so much more. . .isn't she?


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