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Answer to Arnaldo

Dec 09, 1999 10:21 AM
by Maureen T Fitzgerald

Hello Arnaldo,

On 12/7 you quoted Alan:

<Please hang around, and do the decent thing- ask the questions you are not
expected to , and *never* seek to "conform" or be "politically correct."

and you said:

<before quitting give a fair trial to the group...As brother Alan wrote- please
hang around- at least for awhile."

Arnaldo, I received a lot of responses, via the list and privately, as well as
some responses from members of other lists.  Each response was of benefit to me,
forcing me to look at my issues from a lot of different perspectives.  I am more
than convinced of the value in remaining.  From  MKR, I will focus on freedom of
thought and freedom of expression.  In that light, I welcome the myriad of
thoughts from any source.  By remaining open to everything and practising
non-attachment I cannot predict where I will end.  See, already I have changed
and know there is no "path."  Alan has no worry that I will seek to "conform,"
for it is such that the me of today is far different than the me of yesterday.
The me of tomorrow will be someone else again.  I am not far into this education
yet know the way to the answer to the "mystery" lies in growing and learning.
That can happen here, I feel.

I once read this (can't remember from where) quote: "History repeats itself
because nobody listens."  I believe that many listen, but there is sensory
overload, and the memory does not persist until we are reminded once again.  As
I look through postings on this list- and other lists - things seem to run in
cycles.  At one point people seem to reach agreement:  we will treat each other
with respect, we will allow everyone freedom of expression.  Then some days go
by, and everyone gradually forgets, and feelings start to get hurt, and as
Dallas put it "There is however in each of us a section of our minds that is
still allied to the 'animal' consciousness which is personal, selfish,
opinionated, defensive, and seeks (usually) some 'advantage,' or control or
domination over others."

 In understanding and accepting this aspect of ourselves, can we also pledge to
practise "the golden rule?"  Although there are many versions of this rule, I
like (but am not attached to) the version of Confucious- " Do unto another what
you would have him do unto you, and do not do unto another what you would not
have him do unto you.  Thou needed this law alone.  It is the foundation of all
the rest."

So I will get untold benefits through remaining on the list, but would enjoy it
so much more should there be no censorship on content yet also no personal
attacks.  And I give many thanks to those of you that have been so kind to a new
learner, and may that generosity extend to all newcomers to your lists.  Please
respond if you feel you have something to offer the newcomer.  I know from my
emails that there are many out there who do not feel comfortable posting.
Please open your hearts to them.

Have a wonderful day.


PS Before I forget, I will ask Alan a question I'm not expected to - in your
recent posting to Grigor you said "Although this is technically 'off topic' for
theos-1 may I thank you for this post."   Are there rules about "off topics?"  I
sincerely hope not, I would dearly miss Kym's quirky sense of humour as the two
of you make your charming exchanges! (So sorry, the devil made me do it!)

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