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Re: Pogroms Report

Dec 08, 1999 11:29 AM
by Hazarapet

In a message dated 12/6/99 11:10:05 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

> Although technically "off topic" for theos-l may I thank you for this
>  post.

I am sorry if it is off topic.  After seeing the occasional posts on what
the Chinese are doing in Tibet (along with eliminating the last surviving
Taoists in remote areas of western China), I thought this was a topical
subject.  The UN Report also documents the Turkish elimination of
Buddhist, Zoroastrian, and Theosophical elements.

I have long felt an affinity (albeit tenuous) with the small
>  remnant Church of the East with its Aramaic (Syriac) traditions going
>  way back to Antioch, Nisibis, and the Mosul Valley.

Remember, I'm Armenian Orthodox (while quietly also
theosophist/Dzog chen).
>  It serves as a timely reminder to us all that religious fanaticism is a
>  potentially and often actual dangerous risk.  While it has not yet
>  happened on such a scale to theosophists (though many in Nazi Germany
>  went to the camps)

And in Soviet Union.

>  there is no doubt that "official" theosophical
>  dogmatism has led to the persecution of many members of theosophical
>  societies who dared to try to put into practice the much-vaunted
>  "freedom of expression" that the official Adyar TS (for one) claims to
>  support.  As most of the older inhabitants of this list know, it
>  happened to me, as also to some of them.

Well, then those of us isolated from Adyar during Soviet years might
be lucky in that regard.  Again, coming out of a time capsule, the whole
Krishnamurti thing appears to show what had already gone wrong in Adyar
TS under AB and CWL as a progressive disorder.
>  Alan

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