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Re: theos-l digest: December 01, 1999-to all (MKR)

Dec 08, 1999 09:59 AM
by Maureen T Fitzgerald

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MKR adds:

Based on my personal experience, I can confirm that when one is in the snug
unchallenging surrounding, it is *very* difficult to recognize this and break
out of the shell and think independently and question any and every belief,
however *sacred* it is considered by the majority.

Maureen responds:

And from my personal experience, I can confirm the uncomfortable feeling one
gets by questioning sacred beliefs.   It
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?s not easy thinking independently in a
homogenous environment.  Can you just imagine the response I received w=
hen I
asked people if they had heard about the dyslexic, agnostic insomniac?

Thanks again for everything, MKR (And I would love to know your name!)



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