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What is Theosophy (was: Maureen to Bart)

Dec 03, 1999 07:53 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Maureen T Fitzgerald wrote:
> Thank you, Bart.  I like the idea of employing this as a methodology, I think
> that might take me where I want to go.  And those certain writings you mention
> are a good place for me to begin.   Where would I find more info (are there
> sites?) about offshoot groups.

	Believe it or not, one of the best summaries I ever found of the
history of the Theosophical offshoots was from a Christian (!) website,
giving the history of the (evil) New Age. It's and if you kind of
read around the prejudice, it's pretty accurate.

> Or would that create more confusion than I could
> handle with my "foundation" not quite in place?

	Well, it can get pretty confusing. And it doesn't cover the
Judge/Tingley separation, nor does it cover the ULT.

> When you wrote that Theosophy
> is an attempt to discover the basic principles behind science, religion, and
> philosophy, is that a tie-in to the principle of Karma?

	Other way around.

> Is this cause and
> effect, action-reaction, and if one can determine what action (maybe the wrong
> word) creates what result, then one can make sense of things?  This sounds like
> it takes a lifetime to learn.

	You are being overly optimistic.

	Bart Lidofsky

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