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Re: theos-l digest: December 03, 1999

Dec 03, 1999 10:20 PM
by kymsmith

Alan the Evil wrote:

>P.S. to Kym - so what's wrong with smiley faces? Huh? Huh?

Smiley faces give people too much information; thus taking away an
opportunity for someone like me to see someone else get all wiggly.  Ok, I
admit it's cruel to purposely set a snare and I know I will suffer both
immediate (list postings) and karmic consequences.  But I am constantly
torn between whether to have some selfish merriment or place a disarming
smiley face on my post.

Fun or smiley face?  Fun or smiley face?  Fun or smiley face?  My mind
races with indecision. . ..

Which bring me to a sidenote: Folks, since I take the digest, can we (take
note, Dallas) find it in our hearts NOT to include entire previous posts
with our new post?  It makes the digest a toilsome task to scan and read.
But, who am I to ask non-snippers to snip while I remain a
non-smiley-facer?  Well. . .I just hope YOU people are more benevolent than
me - get it?

Love ya lots, Alan.  Remember, you're still mine in the next life.  Aren't


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