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Re: theos-l digest: December 01, 1999-to all

Dec 02, 1999 05:40 PM
by ambain

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> Date: Thursday, December 02, 1999 3:15 PM
> From: Maureen T Fitzgerald <>
> Subject: Re: theos-l digest: December 01, 1999-to all

> Good morning,
> Could anyone help me to determine if I joined this list in error?

Sometimes I think we all did!  I see you have bookmarked Blavatsky Net,
which is a GOOD THING.

You will find other links on my "Simply Occult" website

as well as some of the controversial, non party line material.  Could be
worth a bookmark or a blackmark ... please drop by and see what you

On this list we often go off at a tangent, and sometimes get bogged down
in seeming trivialities.  In general, though, most of the longer term
subscribers are well informed on theosophical matters, which can mean
that we may not discuss what you are hoping to read, as we all know that
most of the others are familiar with it all anyway.

Soooo ... please hang around, and do the decent thing - ask the
questions you are not expected to, and *never* seek to "conform" or be
"politically correct."


Alan Bain

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