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Re: theos-l digest: December 01, 1999

Dec 02, 1999 05:27 PM
by ambain

> In a message dated 12/2/99 12:45:50 AM Central Standard Time,
> wrote to
> You work on narrow ethnocentric assumption that everyone with advanced
> degrees wanted them.  And you want to be crusader to preach justice to
> world?!   Travel would be great eye-opener for you.  You may not have
> to go far but there is no need.  Go visit some of the Indian
> around you.  If you go there with some humility they might teach you a
> or two.
> G.V.A

Dear Grigor,

I appreciate that you have come from a very different background to Kym,
and see things in a different light in consequence.  However, are we not
on this list to discuss rather than to do battle?  You make some very
good points from time to time, and as comrade Grigor you clearly did not
have the easiest time.  In a different context, Kym has also had a
difficult time, in a different, but often extremely cruel culture.  In
yet another context, I too have had a difficult time.

Let us make peace here, not war - a cliche, perhaps, but in seeking to
work towards theosophical "first object" goals, please let us be polite
to each other?

Pretty please?

Alan  (I have only a D.D., which I got in 1985 at the age of 52 - but
what does that count for in the real world?  Very little.)

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