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Re: theos-l digest: December 01, 1999

Dec 02, 1999 05:51 AM
by Hazarapet

In a message dated 12/2/99 12:45:50 AM Central Standard Time, writes:

> The reason I have not gotten a degree in what you consider "normal time" is
>  because this is the first time in my life where I am not confined by having
>  to care for a dying loved one.  Death, after much malicious game playing,
>  liberated me five years ago.

I am sorry, although, I have never known of anyone who took 12 years to die
(35 - being liberated 5 years ago - 18 college age = 12) who needed much
care.  Those
who did take that long were comatose, didn't need family care, and perhaps,
never have gotten on life support in first place because in end decision was
to unplug patient.  So, again, while I sorry, 12 to 17 years seems long gap
to be
covered by tending to dying relative.  Unless it Parkisin's disease.  I
friend whose wife slowly went over period of 7 years.
>  I do not say this to justify to YOU why I am finally able to secure what I
>  have always desired in life - but to let you know, Grigor, that just
>  because someone is 35 (or younger, older) and still pursuing a degree (or
>  anything else) does NOT mean it was necessarily due to a personal
>  shortcoming.
>  You have obviously been very fortunate in life to have had the time to
>  obtain five degress - some of us have been required to spend time
>  elsewhere.

Obviously very fortunate, huh?  Because state told comrade Grigor he go
to school far from family, comrade Grigor miss birth and death of eldest
daughter.  Because state told comrade physicist Grigor he would not leave
project to tend dying wife until project complete, comrade Grigor got to
visit grave 2 years after she
gone.  So then comrade Grigor then use state to go places to study forbidden
subjects under cover of consulting on state project.

You work on narrow ethnocentric assumption that everyone with advanced
degrees wanted them.  And you want to be crusader to preach justice to
world?!   Travel would be great eye-opener for you.  You may not have money
to go far but there is no need.  Go visit some of the Indian reservations
around you.  If you go there with some humility they might teach you a thing
or two.


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