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Re: Randy to Alan/carnivorism

Oct 23, 1999 04:34 PM
by ambain

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> Date: Saturday, October 23, 1999 4:50 PM
> Subject: Randy to Alan/carnivorism

> Alan--if you want to find out the evidence that elimination of animal
> products is health destructive, let me know.  The diseases caused are
> degenerative that occur in later adult life(although incubating within
> decades) such as diabetes(adult onset), heart disease, obesity, dental
> disease, cancer, arthritis, autoimmunities, digestive problems of all
> etc.
> Also see my recent response to Dallas.
> Randy
Seen your Dallas response.  As I already am in later life, any
cautionary evidence would be a little late.  I do have severe
osteo-arthritis, but that is inherited from my mother, who delevoped it
in her 40s.  I lost what few remaining teeth I had at around 37 owing to
a calcium deficiency I was born with.  My digestive system works fine.
Rather larger than I used to be, but hard to diagnose whether this is a
fault - I have always been physically idle with a deep loathing for

I have met many theosophical vegetarians, all 80-90 years old.  Mind
you, any others who died of an autoimmunities aged 25 I wouldn't meet
anyway, vegetarian or not.  Needless to say, evangelist veggie advocates
all claim emphatically that "scientific studies have shown ....."

However, scientific studies have shown that thalidomide was safe in the
1960s, and that Mad Cow Disease is of no risk to humans, and that black
people are morally and intellectually inferior to white ones.

I don't trust scientists.  Watch two food comapnies engaged in a lawsuit
produce scientific experts who can "prove" that *their* clients'
interpretation is accurate, and that the other side is poisoning the
world.  Yeah, of course .....

I guess you pick your data and get the conclusions you would most  like
to have.  "Science" to me is an approach to study, which, like
statistics, can be used most UNscientifically.  Did you know that
recently published figures show that 99% of the population in the USA
who died in 1998 were known to have eaten tomatoes on a regular basis
for most of their lives?

(Except in Idaho)

Alan :0)

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