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Re: Randy to Alan/carnivorism

Oct 24, 1999 06:03 AM
by WLR7D

Alan--Ok, if you've got one foot in the grave, I won't try to save you.

Here's how I solved the questions about what is or is not healthy.  If you
were to draw a line representing the time life is estimated to have been on
earth and make every inch 100 years, the line would be about 276 miles.  The
time since the Industrial Revolution wherein we have  created a synthetic
world and eaten processed foods would only be about 2 inches on the line.
Which are we genetically adapted to, the two inches or the 276 miles?  Pretty
clear by this we are out of genetic context.  Put a creature out of genetic
context and disease is the liely consequence.   Our genes expect that we
would be born dropped onto the forest floor, suckle real milk for a couple of
years(carnivorism, cannabalism) and then wean to foods which could be eaten
from nature exactly as they are--meat, insects, fruits, nuts, honey, some
vegies, maybe milk if you could run a nursing animal down.

The scientific evidence supports this as well in spite of anomolies.  Randy

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