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Re: theos-l digest: October 23, 1999

Oct 23, 1999 10:10 PM
by kymsmith

Grigor wrote:

>Kym is a Paulician!

About the only thing I believe the Paulicians and I agree on is the
difference between the creator of this world and the Most High God - they
appear to be a bit more fundamental than I would find comforting.  Scholars
have yet to agree if Paulicians followed the teaching of St. Paul OR Paul
of Samosata.  Most everyone seems to agree that Paulicians were "heretics."
 Unfortuately, most of the knowledge about Paulicians is written by those
who disagree with them or participated in the genocide of the Paulicians.

Oh, and one more thing, all agree that Paulicians no longer exist.

So if I am a Paulician, I do not exist. Hmmmmm.


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