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Re: carnivorism question

Oct 21, 1999 06:07 AM
by WLR7D

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Dallas please see attached re your response to carnivorism and sex.

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<HTML><PRE>Thank you Dallas
>You have lost me that "cooperation and brotherhood provide our bodies".  Ho=
w would you prove such a statement?
>What does ethics have to do with sex?  Whose ethic?  What kind of sex?
>Sex is both serious and fun.  So is eating, hearing, smelling and seeing.  =
Who is going to decide what fun there is about any of these physical senses =
we should eliminate?
>I'm not sure what you mean by physiological and disease transmission.  If y=
ou are suggesting that disease attendent with sex proves it should be avoide=
d that is not valid since disease is also associated with eating, breathing,=
 touching, exercise, hard work(stress),  and wearing chastity belts too tigh=
t(or underwear).  Which of these should we abstain from too?

I have not read the reference yet, but I will when I can find it.  Neverthel=
ess I am going to ask the same sorts of questions because I am interested in=
 the logical or empirical underpinnings.



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